Anterior odontoid screw osteosynthesis
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Anterior odontoid screw osteosynthesis

Operationsverfahren zur Stabilisierung der oberen Halswirbelsäule 1. CME Weiterbildung · Zertifizierte FortbildungUnfallchirurg 2010 · 113:845–859.

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Anterior odontoid screw osteosynthesis

Mar 09, 2015 · Patients with C1 fractures customarily have some form of trauma. Accordingly, they need to be immediately stabilized at the scene, which requires the. Odontoid fractures are fractures of dens or odontoid process of axis vertebra or C2. Dens is a strong, tooth-like process projecting upwards from the body of axis. Feb 19, 2009 · Pertinent literature exists concerning indications, techniques, complications of treatment, and risk factors for nonunion in axis and odontoid fractures.

Apr 08, 2006 · Posterior transarticular screw fixation C1-2 with the Magerl technique is a challenging procedure for stabilization of atlantoaxial instabilities. Dr. Nitin Bhatia is a Cervical and Lumbar Spine Surgeon with Expertise in the Treatment of all Neck and Back Disorders and serves the entire Los Angeles and Orange.


anterior odontoid screw osteosynthesis